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Grupo HIMA•San Pablo

Grupo HIMA•San Pablo is a leader in the health care industry, with a strong commitment to curing and treating health conditions affecting patients around the world. Click for more info.


World-Class Training for First–in-Class Service

When you choose HIMAHEALTH, you can rest assured that you’re choosing one of the finest medical staffs anywhere in the world. You'll discover competent and professional physicians, nurses and administrators that are among the finest in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, the United States and the world.

We're proud of our accreditation from the Joint Commission (JC). This private U.S.-based nonprofit organization states their declared mission as: “To continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of health care accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations.” JC accreditation is awarded to only the finest hospitals and is also a requirement for Medicare reimbursement. We believe that the training our staff has undergone and the protocols we’ve instituted have helped greatly in obtaining this prestigious accreditation.

HIMAHEALTH physicians in all specialties are all U.S board-certified. Most are educated and trained wholly or in part at some of the finest U.S. colleges, universities, hospitals and clinics. A sampling of these institutions includes Harvard, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Temple, Sloan-Kettering, Mayo Clinic, NY Hospital for Special Surgery, National Institute for Health and many more.

Our nursing team of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses must hold a license from Puerto Rico to practice nursing and belong to a college of nursing. Beyond that, HIMAHEALTH has regular nurse training conducted by our physicians in the post-operative care of specialties such as cardio, pediatrics, neuro, and oncology.

Our medical clerks who field all phone calls are medical school graduates, working toward their M.D. degree. They offer you high level, informed liaison between yourself and your physician and the HIMAHEALTH organization. From your very first call, you’ll be speaking with a medical professional.

HIMAHEALTH is the premier healthcare organization in Puerto Rico and one of the finest in the United States. We are blessed with high levels of interest from many physicians both here and abroad because of our mission to provide innovative medical care using the latest technologies. We are able to recruit the best and the brightest in all specialties and have built an all-star roster of the world’s finest physicians in this manner.