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Our Doctors

The HIMAHEALTH family is founded on the care and credentials of our esteemed group of physicians.

Educated and trained throughout the U.S. and world, our physicians are recognized for their patient concern, advanced medical techniques and expertise in their respective areas of practice.

Our medical staff physicians are board-certified. They are also active members of medical professional associations pertinent to their specialty, such as the American Heart Association, Stroke Council, American Medical Association, American Urological Association and more.

When not in the operating room or medical treatment rooms caring for patients, HIMAHEALTH physicians actively participate in the betterment of the entire medical community and educational system. Some teach and train as professors at medical universities; some conduct research and publish articles in scientific journals; and some serve as laboratory and medical directors.

In essence, the HIMAHEALTH medical staff is comprised of well-rounded, respected professionals regarded by many to be experts across a wide array of medical specialties. It’s not uncommon for patients to be treated by a physician who has graduated Magna Cum Laude and who has also served for many years as a resident physician in a U.S. mainland hospital. Also, most of our doctors speak both English and Spanish and have years of experience working alongside the same, trusted nursing and technical staff at HIMAHEALTH.

Throughout the HIMAHEALTH centers of excellence, we offer Joint Commission-accredited quality healthcare that provides patients with peace-of-mind and world-class medical treatments. And it all starts with our team of highly skilled, expert physicians.