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Institute of Robotic Radiosurgery

A Trusted Name in Cancer Treatment

With the diagnosis of cancer, your first reaction is shock. Shock then turns to fear, then to resolve, then to action. That’s when you should turn to HIMAHEALTH. We’ve built a world-class treatment center with modern technologies, equipment and highly trained professionals, creating one of the finest cancer centers anywhere in the world.

We use a wide variety of diagnostic imaging equipment to identify and map tumors, including leading-edge 4D diagnostic imaging technologies to pinpoint cancers. We employ a full range of operating technologies like the robotic da Vinci® Surgical System for minimally invasive operating precision, and the CyberKnife® directed-beam noninvasive radiation treatment system for computer-guided delivery of high-dose radiation to tumors, while sparing nearby critical structures and tissue.

Under one roof, you’ll discover a comprehensive cancer center with a wide range of U.S. board-certified physician specialists working together for better outcomes. Here, you’ll find some of the most highly trained cancer specialists in the fields of surgical oncology, neurological oncology, gynecological oncology, medical oncology and pediatric oncology. HIMAHEALTH has carefully assembled our team, our technologies and our training so that we can offer you the benefits of true multidisciplinary care. We believe that this group approach yields more accurate diagnosis, closer supervision and more choices for treatment, all of which lead to better outcomes.

HIMAHEALTH is currently applying for membership in the Commission on Cancer (COC), a multinational consortium of professional organizations dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients through standard-setting, prevention, research, education and the monitoring of comprehensive quality care.

Brachytherapy: Seeds of Hope

Brachytherapy or sealed source radiotherapy is a treatment that utilizes minute radioactive "seeds" that are surgically placed inside or next to the tumor for targeted, limited radiation treatment. Treating the cancer "from the inside out" gives us the opportunity to deliver high doses of radiation in very precise areas, sparing the surrounding tissues. Brachytherapy is especially useful in the treatment of early stage prostate and breast cancers, cervical cancer, ovarian or uterine cancers, and certain cancers of the head and neck.

Most commonly, we’re treating early stage prostate cancer with brachytherapy, which is a relatively simple, ambulatory procedure with fast recovery and minimal side effects. Brachytherapy for prostate cancer is considered to be among the “nerve-sparing” treatments that reduce the possibilities of erectile nerve damage and damage to nearby structures causing incontinence, more common with open surgery. Other cancers that are considered good candidates for brachytherapy include early stage cervical cancer and breast cancer as an adjuvant part of the treatment protocol.

Radiation Oncology: Targeted for Better Outcomes

Radiation oncology embraces both radio imaging and radio treatment for cancers. You’ll find that our comprehensive Radiology and Imaging Center is divided into three main areas that offer the following services: conventional radiology, fluoroscopy, sonography, CT scan, nuclear medicine, mammography and stereotactic biopsy.

Before any treatment at HIMAHEALTH, you’ll undergo comprehensive imaging to compare with your preadmission films to check on the progress of your cancer. From here, we’ll be able to determine the most effective course of treatment. Certain tumors will require the services of our interventional radiologists who use a variety of imaging devices such as PET, MRI or CT scans. Depending on the structure of the tumor, they may need to embolize it prior to its treatment or removal. Our interventional radiologists may also provide CT-guided biopsies or catheterizations as needed.

Our radiation oncologists precisely map and plan a treatment course specific to your particular cancer site(s). Using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) or Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), your cancer will be precisely targeted for appropriate levels of radiation, while sparing nearby quality tissue. Usually this treatment involves several sessions, and while it is painless, you may feel some side effects, such as tiredness or nausea.

CyberKnife Radiosurgery: Cutting-Edge Treatment Without Cutting

HIMAHEALTH is proud to offer the CyberKnife® technologically advanced treatment for cancer. Using precise radiation beams shaped to small, complex tumors from a variety of angles, the treatment targets the tumor while preserving critical structures nearby. This noninvasive, painless treatment option has radically improved the outcomes of difficult surgeries in the brain, the spine and organs. We are treating single and multiple tumors in the brain – heretofore a difficult surgical location – with excellent results.

You’ll appreciate the open design of the CyberKnife, which allows you to relax without a feeling of claustrophobia. With no bleeding, no period of recovery, and short periods of treatment, the CyberKnife is rapidly becoming the most sought-after treatment course for many traditionally difficult cancers. There is no anesthesia required, and the CyberKnife adjusts automatically to compensate for any movement or breathing.

We use the CyberKnife for precise treatment of benign and malignant tumors in the brain, large organs and reproductive organs. Another benefit to this new meticulously exact, beam-targeting technology is the ability to re-treat tumors if they reappear because of the low level of radiation exposure to the surrounding tissue.

Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Treatment

HIMAHEALTH is making a long-term commitment to building and maintaining the most comprehensive, advanced Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Center in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Our medical team is without peer, and with the completion of our bone marrow and stem cell facilities, we will be among the finest cancer centers in the world. In this facility, we’ll have laboratories for collecting and storing stem cells, including umbilical cord blood for harvesting stem cells.

Leukemia and Hematology

Leukemias are the most prevalent types of pediatric cancers, and we offer an excellent record of success in treatment with chemotherapy. Currently, we are successfully treating pediatric leukemias at approximately a 90% remission rate. However, in the small percentage of relapse cases, we are utilizing bone marrow transplants for excellent – up to 60% – remission rates in even stage 4 situations. We also offer hope through our successful record of results in the treatment of neuroblastomas of the adrenal gland with transplanted material. And we are treating lymphomas through transplant technology as well.

At HIMAHEALTH, benign hematology diseases, including sickle cell and other anemias, are treated with chemotherapy currently with an eye toward bone marrow transplantation in the future. Pediatric survival rates are excellent at 85% to 90% with chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplant offers great hope at late-stage relapse.

Other Treatment Modalities

HIMAHEALTH offers a wide range of cancer treatment options, as indicated by each case and appropriate to the location and stage of the cancer and the health of the patient. We offer the full range of surgical options utilizing open surgery, laparoscopic surgery and da Vinci minimally invasive surgery. We also use cryoablation (precision-guided freezing of tumors) for select cancers, such as prostate. And naturally, we offer the full range of chemotherapy and nuclear medicine all under one roof.