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Grupo HIMA•San Pablo

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Your Care Begins with Your Call

From the moment you contact HIMAHEALTH, we take your care as our personal mission. No matter what time you call our 24/7 Call Center you’ll speak with a trained medical coordinator who will carefully take notes on your specific condition and potential treatment course. Your medical coordinator is a medical school graduate and physician-in-training who can offer you insightful and appropriate information regarding your situation. Immediately thereafter, your case will be reviewed by one of our resident physicians, who will request the appropriate records and required tests from you and your referring physician.

Our physician will then speak directly with your referring medical specialist to discuss your condition, potential treatment options and the appropriate course of treatment. At this point, your case is reviewed personally by our medical director to ensure that HIMAHEALTH can offer you the treatment that you need. Upon acceptance into HIMAHEALTH, your medical coordinator will develop a price structure for your individual procedures or treatment and will call you to discuss the pricing.

Whether you are self-insured or covered by a group health insurance plan, you’ll be delighted at the substantial savings that you’ll enjoy at HIMAHEALTH. Remember we offer the same advanced level of American medical care, education, training, accreditation and technology that you’d find at the finest mainland U.S. hospitals since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory governed by the same stringent rules, reviews and codes of ethics. Patients are protected under local and federal laws, and we honor the Health Information Privacy Act (HIPAA), Medicare and most U.S. insurance and managed care plans. We simply provide this high level of healthcare for less cost. We call it value-based medicine.

Your Personal Plan of Action

To begin your visit to HIMAHEALTH, we’ll develop a Care Coordination Protocol that outlines your individual treatment plan. This comprehensive plan is presented to you and your referring physician. It details the following information:
- Before departing, what you need to do
- Pre-op care at the hospital and what to expect
- Preadmission
- Day of surgery and what to expect
- Post-op at the hospital
- Post-op after leaving the hospital in Puerto Rico
- Post-op back home
- Transfer of records to your home physician and follow-up care

We Take Care of All the Details

Once you’ve decided to schedule your procedure or treatment at HIMAHEALTH, you’ll be assigned a personal medical hostess who will oversee all the details of your travel and treatment. Conversant in both English and Spanish, she will be your daily liaison and advocate for all your personal needs. From travel and scheduling to follow-up care, your medical hostess acts in your interest to ensure the most worry-free stay possible.


Your medical hostess will arrange all your travel plans, including flights, connections, ground transportation, tours and hotels. HIMAHEALTH has the resources to help you create a customized travel itinerary that reflects your budget and preferences. Many patients elect to combine their treatment with a pre- or post-op tourism stay for themselves or their family. Traveling alone or with family, your medical coordinator will help you arrange the best itinerary to fit your needs.


Puerto Rico is blessed with a wide variety of modest to luxurious quality lodgings close to HIMAHEALTH facilities. Many are adjacent or nearby to the hospital, making your pre- and post-op experience easy and worry-free. Some of the hotels and resorts are the best names in American hospitality – brands you know and trust.

If your recuperation requires a longer stay, but not daily medical supervision, you may elect to move to a hotel or resort nearby to the beach, golf, fishing or the rain forest. Your spouse or family can enjoy all the tourism possibilities that Puerto Rico offers while you enjoy a peaceful, tropical recovery. Your medical hostess will help you make the arrangements for a relaxing visit.

Medical Supervision

When considering having treatment away from home, it’s important to have the proper post-treatment medical supervision. Your medical hostess will arrange a comprehensive schedule of follow-up visits and a care regimen in accordance to your physician’s orders. She will help you get to your appointments and attend to your daily needs. If there is a complication, your medical hostess will arrange for one of our own on-call 24/7 HIMAHEALTH ambulances to be sent immediately to pick you up. Or, if a visiting nurse is required or desired, your medical hostess can make those arrangements as well. You can rest easy knowing that your care is our first priority.

Going Home

On the successful completion of your HIMAHEALTH treatment, your medical hostess will assist you in your travel preparations, getting you comfortably to the airport and, ultimately, back home. To facilitate seamless care, your medical coordinator will forward a comprehensive record of your treatment back to your referring physician. This report includes records of the operation or treatment, medications and prescriptions, and recommendations for physical therapy if needed. We can even arrange for the appropriate physical therapy once you are home.

Your HIMAHEALTH physician will then personally speak with your referring physician to provide an in-depth accounting of the procedure and your recovery. You’ll be reassured that this inclusive approach leads to seamless care giving and better long-term results. We strive to keep an open dialogue between your medical team, no matter where in the world you live.

At HIMAHEALTH, we have a long history of providing healthcare to visitors and patients from around the world. We pride ourselves on the depth and detail in coordinating each case, and our patients express their confidence by returning for continuing healthcare.