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Grupo HIMA•San Pablo

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Leading with Technology for Better Outcomes

When it comes to your health, you want the very best. The very latest and most-advanced surgical treatment available. At HIMAHEALTH, so do we. We’ve deliberately sought out the best technologies, equipment, training and physicians to help us deliver leading-edge treatments with maximum patient benefits at minimal risk and discomfort.

Our corporate mission is to become and to maintain the premier position in international healthcare through aggressive investment in the latest technologies and the most highly trained and skilled physicians. We offer treatment options that only the finest hospitals can match. Among our cutting-edge treatment technologies are: advanced diagnostic imaging equipment, minimally invasive robotic surgery, and pinpoint directed-beam radiation therapy.

Aquilion® ONE Dynamic Volume CT Scanner

HIMAHEALTH is proud to offer the advanced Aquilion® ONE CT scanner, featuring 320 detector-row technology for faster, sharper, more accurate scans in a fraction of the time. Covering a full 16 cm in a single 1/3-second rotation, the Aquilion ONE provides whole-organ imagery for a more comprehensive view. This dramatic new imaging system reduces diagnostic time to a fraction of conventional clinical pathways, doing in minutes what used to require hours. For cardiology, neurology and internal medicine, this timesaving technology may also help yield better outcomes through earlier detection. The Aquilion ONE also requires far less contrast and dramatically reduces the patient’s exposure to radiation.

Robotic da Vinci® Surgical System

One of the most exciting new advances in surgery, the da Vinci® Surgical System provides a minimally invasive, highly precise alternative to traditional open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Allowing only small incisions, this equipment enables the surgeon to perform complex and delicate procedures with significantly less pain, less blood loss and scarring, shorter recovery times, and often, better outcomes. Our surgeons operate with the assistance of a 3-Dimensional viewing console with a vivid and accurate display that affords greater clarity than open surgery. The individual da Vinci tools can be manipulated fully, giving the surgeon greater freedom of movement in all directions, marking a distinct improvement from traditional one-direction laparoscopy. The da Vinci Surgical System is used by HIMAHEALTH surgeons in urologic, gynecologic, cardiothoracic and general procedures for greater control in complex operations.

CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System

The advanced treatment for cancer surgery, the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System directs precise radiation beams to tumors from a variety of angles, targeting the tumor while preserving critical structures nearby. This noninvasive, painless treatment option has radically improved the outcomes for difficult surgeries in the brain, the spine and organs. There is no anesthesia required, and the CyberKnife adjusts automatically to compensate for any movement or breathing. The CyberKnife is open, so there’s no feeling of claustrophobia. With no bleeding, no period of recovery and short times of treatment, the CyberKnife is rapidly becoming the most sought-after treatment course for many traditionally difficult cancers. CyberKnife is the cutting-edge surgical treatment without the cutting.

Patients with the following conditions may consider CyberKnife treatment:
Accoustic Neuroma
Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)
Brain Tumors
Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)
Cancers of the Head and Neck
Liver Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Lung Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Pituitary Adenoma
Prostate Cancer
Spinal Tumors
Trigeminal Neuralgia