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You’ll find your stay at HIMAHEALTH to be comfortable and similar to a mainland U.S. hospital. Because Puerto Rico is an American territory, it is governed by the same strict medical guidelines that apply to all U.S. healthcare facilities. You’ll feel at home in our familiar hospital setting, where you’ll be treated by highly educated and U.S.-accredited, English-speaking physicians and nurses, most of whom have trained and worked in some of the finest U.S. hospitals.

HIMAHEALTH offers the traveling patient comfortable, clean and modern private rooms for your in-hospital stay. You can choose between a private single room or a private suite, each of which features a hospital bed, a daybed for visitors and a private bathroom.

HIMAHEALTH also features the amenities of a large hospital, including cafeterias, restaurants, gift shops and pharmacies. And nearby, there are hotels, restaurants and stores for all of your needs.

Private Rooms

Our private rooms provide the traveling patient with the comfort of peace and privacy during recovery. Your room is equipped with the necessary medical equipment required for your recovery, as well as a hospital bed, a daybed for visitors or family, and a private bathroom. A large window adds light and cheer.

These rooms have been recently renovated to crisp, modern standards with a bright, neutral décor. Your room will be on a floor reserved for traveling patients and attended by nurses that are bilingual in English and Spanish and who are professional and attentive to your every need. We also have nurses who are fluent in other languages, and arrangements can be made for a nurse specific to your language need.

Each private room comes with a patient kit, a phone kit, plus a welcome kit with discounts, maps, hospital, hotel and tourism information.

Private Suites

Our private suites offer the highest level of comfort, roominess and privacy. Each features two adjoining areas – a hospital room and a spacious living room complete with a pullout couch for family and guest sleepovers, comfortable chairs, and a mini-fridge to accommodate family and guests. Naturally, there’s a private bathroom.

Our suites are bright, crisp and modern in their décor and feature large, sunny windows. These suites are situated on a floor reserved for traveling patients and attended by nurses who are bilingual in English and Spanish and who are professional and attentive to your every need. We also have nurses who are fluent in other languages and can make arrangements for a nurse specific to your language needs.

Each private suite comes with a complimentary admission travel kit, complete with toiletries, sandals and other niceties for a comfortable stay. In addition to a phone kit, a welcome kit with discounts, maps, hospital, hotel and tourism information is provided.

Common Areas

Beyond our patient rooms, HIMAHEALTH also offers a variety of public spaces for you and your family or friends to gather and relax. These include waiting rooms, meeting rooms, a chapel, volunteer’s lounge and lobby area. There are a number of cafés, restaurants, cafeterias, pharmacies and gift shops within the hospital for your convenience. At both our Bayamon and Caguas locations, we feature a 24-hour Café Vienes to serve you around the clock. In the Bayamon location, the Café Vienes features an outside eating area, and in Caguas we are currently constructing a food court on the ground floor.


Your recovery will be comfortable and unhurried, with the full support of our physicians, nursing staff and medical hostess. You will receive the same superior level of service that you’d expect at a major U.S. hospital and enjoy the same patient amenities. Throughout your convalescence, our registered nurses and attentive staff will work closely with your physician to deliver timely and appropriate pain management, physical therapy, medications and a healthy diet that’s custom-made for your recovery needs and preferences.

Our dieticians work one-on-one with you to design a menu specific to your cultural, religious and dietary preferences, while assuring the correct levels of nutrients to aid in a speedy and full recovery. And our education staff will work closely to instruct and train you about your recovery and necessary dietary, physical or work-related adjustments you may need to incorporate into your post-operative routine.


HIMAHEALTH offers its patients, families, guests and staff a wide variety of dining options. For those confined to their beds or rooms, meals will be prepared in accordance to your personalized dietary guideline, and delivered hot to your room. For patients and guests who are ambulatory, you’ll find many interesting dining options within the hospital facility.

• Cafeterias: Both Bayamon and Caguas have a full cafeteria featuring hearty local food, sandwiches, soups, salads, fruit, snacks, deserts, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

• Fast Food: Both locations will feature a large food court within the hospital, with restaurants from some of the most popular chains. Currently the Caguas location features McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts®, Baskin-Robbins® and Don Carlos Tacos. The Caguas location also boasts the elegant Bistro Tartine, our upscale, modern and chic restaurant and lounge that’s favored by both physicians and guests. Bayamon features a wide variety of restaurant choices adjacent to the facility – from Quiznos to fine dining in the nearby hotel.