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Grupo HIMA•San Pablo

Grupo HIMA•San Pablo is a leader in the health care industry, with a strong commitment to curing and treating health conditions affecting patients around the world. Click for more info.

Now there’s quality healthcare close to home at a lower cost.

As a director or upper-level executive in human resources, finance or administration, you’re constantly faced with the challenge of cutting costs. And HIMAHEALTH is here to help.

By offering first-rate healthcare at surprisingly affordable rates – up to 50–70% less than comparable U.S. mainland rates – HIMAHEALTH allows you to save money and preserve the well-being of staff and coworkers you rely on every day.

With U.S. board-certified physicians and advanced technology in the specialties of cardiology, neurology, oncology and orthopaedics, all that’s left to ask is: how can we deliver quality American healthcare at a remarkably lower cost than you’d expect? The answers are simple: quality, affordability, ease and ethics.


With the da Vinci® Surgical System, Aquilion® ONE and CyberKnife® Radiosurgery technology, our facilities rival the best hospitals available in American healthcare. Quality is also the calling card of our physicians and practitioners recruited from top universities and hospitals throughout the U. S., Puerto Rico and the world. As a fully accredited health service, our medical professionals adhere to the most stringent code of ethics in the industry. Our physicians and procedures focus on maximizing benefits to the patient while minimizing procedural risk and discomfort. And finally, our measure of commitment to excellence is affirmed with Joint Commission accreditation of our hospitals. It’s proof that HIMAHEALTH is dedicated to safety and quality for every patient, every day.

HIMAHEALTH Affordability

We can offer U.S.-quality healthcare treatments in Puerto Rico at savings of 50–70%. And to ensure that our quality and professionalism are on par with the best hospitals on the U.S. mainland, our equipment, facilities and professionals must meet the same standards for Joint Commission accreditation. The only difference is the money you’ll be saving.

HIMAHEALTH Convenience

Needing medical treatment is serious, so HIMAHEALTH takes ease of access and efficiency seriously. Located in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, HIMAHEALTH is as accessible as facilities in the U.S. No passport is required for U.S. citizens, and all of the laws, customs, currency, medical practices and certifications are the same as on the continent. And there is no language barrier.


HIMAHEALTH facilities in Puerto Rico abide by stringent ethical principles in all aspects of patient care, medical education, clinical research, community service and in all administrative roles related to those services.

HIMAHEALTH allows upper-level executives and directors to cut costs – without having to cut employee health treatments – by offering premium healthcare services at significant savings.

For more information on putting the HIMAHEALTH advantage to work for you and your employees, simply complete the entry form and one of our friendly representatives will be in touch with you soon. Or for further information call 877.577.5773.

Click here to download our brochure, which provides a complete summary of HIMAHEALTH.