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Grupo HIMA•San Pablo

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You Can Trust Your Health to Our Hands

You’ll find the nursing staff at HIMAHEALTH to be warm, caring and thoroughly professional. All of our registered nurses (RNs), as well as licensed practical nurses (LPNs) hold degrees from U.S.-accredited colleges and universities and are licensed to practice in Puerto Rico. All nurses working on our international floors are bilingual in English and Spanish, and we can arrange for nurses who are fluent in other languages to make your stay more comfortable. Only registered nurses staff our centers, and there is always an RN supervising the LPNs at other locations.

Professionally, our nurses are best in class, knowledgeable in modern nursing techniques, and steeped in a culture of kindness and charity. At HIMAHEALTH, our physicians rely heavily on the nurses and expect a quality level of expertise. They are regarded as members of your healthcare team and are accorded the respect and responsibilities inherent in that honor.

Beyond their education and training, HIMAHEALTH nurses are also personally trained by our hospital physicians and staff in particular specialties and techniques that will complement our surgical and treatment options. We conduct this training on an ongoing basis to ensure the correct care following specific procedures.

In Puerto Rico, nursing is an honored and coveted occupation. You can rest assured that you’ll be attentively looked-after and cared-for. You’ll immediately notice that your personal treatment is thorough, thoughtful and genuinely caring.

In Puerto Rico, ours is a maternal, familial culture that prizes caring for others as if they were family. For the patient, this emphasis on care and nurturing brings another degree of comfort. We also have a long history of caring for foreign visitors as a premier hospital system in the Caribbean, facilitating treatment and care as competent and comfortable as back home.

Choose HIMAHEALTH with confidence and security. We’ll treat you like family.